The photos on this page were taken around 1936 by my father, Melvin Daly, using Dufaycolor Film. The originals are transparencies (photo positive) which in my youth I had seen projected. However, since they are on 120 film, I had not seen them for many years but in March 1998 I had enlargements made of them. It was these enlargements which I scanned and originally posted on this page. In 2012 I purchaseda new scanner (HP Scanjet 4050) and was now able to scan the original slides with superior results. Click on the pictures to see a full size high resolution version.
The Dufaycolor process was introduced as cine film in 1932 and as rollfilm for still photography in 1935. My father was a keen photographer and was working at the recently opened London Film Studios (see picture)  as a cashier. I imagine he obtained the film through a contact at the studio as I'm sure he would not have been able to afford the 4/10d for a 120 film of six exposures.
The original envelope in which the photos had been kept.

London Film Studios circa 1936

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